Net Zero Buildings

Dunlap & Partners Engineers is excited to be on the cutting edge of Net Zero Building Design (NZB). What is a NZB one might ask? The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) defines a similar term; ZNE (Zero Net Energy), as a building for which “the sum of all energy that is delivered to the property line must be less than the energy that is exported from the property.” By definition then ZNE=NZB.Wakefield High School solar roof panels

The challenge in a NZB design is to minimize the energy delivered to the building and maximize the energy generated on the building site. Some portion of the generated energy may be consumed on site and some will be exported. It is solving equations with all of these variables that makes life fun for us and keeps us awake at night.

Net Zero Building Design relies upon a variety of factors: renewable energy resources, efficient design, information from current research and a commitment to returning as much energy back to the grid as possible. A large portion of our work is completed during the design phase. To that end, we first develop design options which minimize the energy use of your building and building systems and then we evaluate the renewable and sustainable energy sources which can be used to produce/provide energy for your building and/or return to the grid.

Our NZB design approach makes use of computerized Building Energy Simulations to evaluate optimal envelope characteristics, High-Efficiency HVAC System options, Day-Lighting, energy efficient lighting and lighting controls and energy recovery options.

We’re committed to being Richmond’s resource for Net Zero Building Design. If you are interested in building for the future, we’re ready to discuss your net zero goals.