Commonwealth of Virginia Multi-Agency Regional Headquarters in Charlottesville, VA

Multi-Agency Regional Headquarters Commonwealth of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia

Mechanical and electrical design was provided for a 100,000 SF office and laboratory facility which houses five state government agencies.  The spaces include offices, laboratories, a computer facility, a cafeteria and an exercise facility. The mechanical concept incorporated ice thermal storage.  The project was designated a Commonwealth of Virginia Technology Demonstration Project and Energy Star Award. […]

Department of General Services – 600 E. Main Street
Richmond, Virginia

This was a tenant up-fit project at the Main Street Center (600 E. Main) involving a portion of the 3rd floor and all except the core of the 11th floor. Third floor was 7,400 SF and 11th was 19,900 sf. We relocated grilles and diffusers but did not add capacity on to the existing HVAC system. We also relocated and replaced lighting fixtures, added some utility sinks, reworked the fire alarm and sprinkler systems to accommodate new partitioning and provided empty raceway for IT and security systems.